Where’s MonkeyMe? Day 3 of riding…..

Rain, rain go away…MonkeyMe wants to play.  Miserable day of riding yesterday in the pouring rain.  It was a long hard day of riding with no time for fun or shenanigans.  It rained the entire 740 miles we rode. Stopped for the night in Mitchell, SD.

rainHoping today will turn out better so we can have some fun.  Stay safe out there!

Faith, Family, Friends, Love & Happiness!


Where’s MonkeyMe? Day 2 of riding

FullSizeRender1MonkeyMe had a very exciting day of riding yesterday.  After leaving Tupelo, MS, he rode on to Clinton, AR where he went to see the Natural Bridge.  After paying his fee to enter the park, he paused for a photo op with shop keeper.FullSizeRender (4)  The bridge was about a mile down a very narrow and winding road.  MonkeyMe was very scared, but he didn’t complain.  When you’re on a motorcycle, sometimes you just have to suck it up and deal with the conditions.  The scary ride was well worth it to see the beautiful natural phenomenon called the Natural Bridge.

FullSizeRender (5)After taking a photo, he had to endure the ride back out on the same winding road.

He and his friends hit the road again to continue the adventure.

IMG_0245They stopped to eat at Lambert’s Cafe (Home of Throwing Rolls) in Ozark, MO.  After filling their bellies, they continued on and spent the night in Springfield, MO.

I can’t wait to see where his travels take him next.

Faith, Family, Friends, Love & Happiness!

Where’s MonkeyMe-Day 2

IMG_16941MonkeyMe was spotted in Geneva, GA shopping at The Funky Skunk.  We are unsure as to whether he was shopping for fishing tackle or just browsing through the pawn shop.  At any rate, he said that the people there were very nice.  He would definitely go back to see them.


Later on they stopped for lunch at Tin Lizzie Cafe in West Point, MS. MonkeyMe had a hard time deciding what to eat. They had a good meal and hit the road again. They eventually stopped for the night in Tupelo, MS. Where will they go today?

Faith, Family, Friends, Love & Happiness!