Where’s MonkeyMe? Day 13

Welcome home, MonkeyMe!

My apologies for the belated post.

On day 13 of riding, MonkeyMe and his friends made it home safely.  They were tired from riding, but glad to be out of all the storms they encountered along the way.  Although they had a great trip, it could have been a lot more pleasant had the weather cooperated more.  The main thing is that no one got hurt and nothing got torn up along the way.

In the 13 days of riding they rode a total of approximately 5200 miles (give or take).  That’s a lot of miles in such a short period of time on a motorcycle.  We are all very thankful that there were no mishaps along the way.

We can’t wait until the next adventure that MonkeyMe takes.  Where will he go and what mode of transportation will he take?  Only time will tell.

Faith, Family, Friends, Love & Happiness!


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