Where’s MonkeyMe? Day 11

IMG_2046Well….MonkeyMe and his friends had a pretty bad day riding.  They rode through torrential downpours, high winds, and tornado warnings pretty much all day.  At one point, they had to stop under an overpass to wait out the rain.  They met a fellow biker who had run out gas and money.  He told them that someone had gone to get him some gas and was awaiting their return.  So MonkeyMe and his friends gave him a little cash to help him out.  They are hoping that he made it to his destination safely.  IMG_2044

After a miserable day, they finally stopped for the night in Van Buren, AR.  They went to Big Jake’s Cattle Co for dinner.  They met some really nice people in the restaurant.  Their food was outstanding and the service was great.  They could not have asked for a better meal after a long day of riding.  So, if you’re ever in Van Buren, stop in at Big Jake’s and tell them that MonkeyMe sent you.IMG_2042

MonkeyMe always likes to have his picture taken with pretty ladies.  He wanted to thank them for a wonderful meal and taking the time to have a picture taken.  They are true MonkeyMe kind of people. IMG_2041

We are hoping that the next few days will be better for MonkeyMe and his friends.  Ride safely, Guys!

Faith, Family, Friends, Love & Happiness!


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