Where’s MonkeyMe? Day 8

13263942_10209514786887905_6463748829985017234_nMonkeyMe and his friends left Cody, WY and headed to Chief Joseph Highway.  I’ve heard that it is a wonderful road to ride.  They wanted to ride Bear Tooth Pass as well, but it was closed due to snow.  So they headed to Yellowstone.  They rode through Yellowstone and Grand Tetons down to Jackson Hole where they rented a cabin for the night.

They were very glad to be in the cabin after a long day of cold, wind, rain, sleet & hail.  Also, some snow here and there.  (you can see snow on this car) 13237713_10209514787327916_4827275977258055725_n


It was pretty much a miserable day to be on a motorcycle.  But, they made it safely and that is all that matters.

Hopefully, the weather will improve for the rest of their adventure.  Stayed tuned to see what’s next.

Faith, Family, Friends, Love & Happiness!



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