Where’s MonkeyMe? Day 6

IMG_1107MonkeyMe and friends started the day by going to Deadwood, SD which is in the Black Hills.  MonkeyMe hitched a ride, again, as they headed to the saloon where Wild Bill was shot and killed in 1876.

IMG_1110Unfortunately, the saloon was closed, but that didn’t stop MonkeyMe from hanging out there.  They spent a little time walking around in Deadwood then went to Sturgis, SD.

IMG_1115In Sturgis, they visited the Motorcycle Museum.  MonkeyMe liked seeing all of the old motorcycles.  However, he decided he liked the motorcycle he is riding on the best.

IMG_1119It is much more comfortable.

IMG_1120Once they left Sturgis, they headed west toward Cody, WY.  They rode through some beautiful snow-capped mountains along the way.  But, unfortunately, they got in to some more rain and some hail.  MonkeyMe didn’t like the hail at all.  He was glad when they reached Cody and got a room for the night.  He was ready for the rest and relaxation.

Check back tomorrow for more MonkeyMe Adventures.

Faith, Family, Friends, Love & Happiness!


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