Where’s MonkeyMe? Day 5

IMG_1060Another beautiful day of site seeing in South Dakota!

MonkeyMe and friends visited the Crazy Horse Monument.  Of course, it isn’t completed yet, so the next time they go there, perhaps it will look a little different.  Never-the-less, it is interesting to see the progress of the work.  IMG_1059

From there they went to Custer State Park.  They rode all thru it and saw some buffalo.  MonkeyMe was very excited about that because he had never seen buffalo before.  It is always fun to experience new things.  IMG_1088

After leaving Custer Park, they went to see Mount Rushmore.  It must have been a long walk, so MonkeyMe hitched a ride.  Either that, or someone just has a Monkey on his back.

IMG_1090They made it to the Monument for a photo op.

IMG_1101After all the touring they stayed the night in Keystone, SD.  I can’t wait to hear what they do and where they go next!

Faith, Family, Friends, Love & Happiness!



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