Where’s MonkeyME? Day 4 of riding

IMG_0988MonkeyMe and his friends had a great day on the road yesterday.  The weather was much better than the day before.  They had sunshine and blue skies all day.

They started out the day by visiting The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD.  They enjoyed seeing this beautiful work of art.  MonkeyMe liked seeing all of the corn.  Who knew that monkeys liked corn?  IMG_0994

After touring The Corn Palace, they rode on up the road to Murdo, SD and went to the Pioneer Auto Show.  MonkeyMe loved all of the old cars.  IMG_0999

From there they sent to Wall, SD and visited Wall Drug Store.  You can’t go to South Dakota and NOT go to Wall Drug!  They acted silly but had a lot of fun.  IMG_1033

They continued North to The Badlands National Park.  The scenery was beautiful.


After a day of site seeing, they were ready to stop for the night, so they rode on to Rapid City, SD.  They got a room and had a good dinner.

Where will their adventure take them today?  Check back tomorrow to hear all about it.  Stay safe!

Faith, Family, Friends, Love & Happiness!


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